Friday, 25 July 2014

Sanda Blonde IPA and Maple Ribs

This is our fourth and final recipe for July working alongside Fyne Ales. It's been an absolute adventure discovering all of the flavourings you can get out of beer within your food. And I have to say that this final recipe is a little bit special We've tried a few different Fyne beers but Sanda Blonde definitely works the best for these smokey ribs, the flavour really soaks in right down to the bone of the meat and with the citrus flavours really bring out the flavour of the pork, it definitely holds it's flavour even after barbecuing and marinading. We've teamed it up with some smokey maple syrup in the marinade in order to build up that sweet charred flavour. It's so simple to make and the amount of flavour you get with such little effort is certainly gratifying. The meat becomes so succulent after madinading with the ale and the charred sauce you get from the marinade reduction is phenomenal. 

Try this over the weekend, watch some of the Commonwealth with friends and of course enjoy a few Sanda Blonde's while you're at it. Messy BBQ smeared faces is the desired result. 


700g Pork Ribs
330ml Sanda Blonde 
1 Lemon
4 tablespoons Maple Syrup 
6 tablespoons Ketchup 
4 Cloves Garlic 
2 Teaspoons Salt 
Generous amounts of Black Pepper 

1. Begin by making the marinade, pour all of the Sanda Blonde into a large bowl, then add ketchup, maple syrup and the juice of 1 lemon and mix well with a spoon. Finely grate or crush all of the garlic into the bowl with the salt and combine well. 

2. Add the ribs in, make sure they're all well coated in the marinade and leave them to marinade in the fridge for ideally 24 hours if not overnight will be sufficient. 

3. Once marinaded, remove from the fridge about 2 hours before cooking to allow the ribs to return to room temperature. This will help them get their lovely charred maple coating. 

4. After two hours place remove the racks from the marinade and rub them with generous amounts of cumin and paprika. Place them in a grill proof tin that has been lined with generous amounts of tin foil. Make sure there's enough room for all of the ribs and that they are not overlapping each other.

5. Now turn on the grill to a medium heat. Cover the ribs with tin foil and cook for about 15-20 minutes and turn over once. In the mean time begin reducing the marinade down to a glaze. To do this, get a pot and pour the marinade into the pot, put on a high heat but remember to constantly stir, because of the amount of maple inside the marinade it can quite easily burn. Reduce down to a sauce, on a medium high heat this should only take about 10-15 minutes. 

6. After the 15-20 minutes remove the tin foil from the ribs and baste the ribs with lots of the reduced sauce, brush it on liberally and turn the heat up to high on the grill. With the tin foil off and heat on high this will begin to create the charred effect, cover both sides with the sauce and turn once. Cook for a further 15-20 minutes until sufficiently charred. 

7. Serve piping hot and use a sharp knife to spit the ribs, enjoy with some Sanda Blonde and prepared to be messy.

Enjoy your weekend, from Fyne Ales & Breakfast at Julie's

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