Sunday, 16 February 2014

Kitchen Queries: How to make the perfect runny boiled egg

We're looking at 'Kitchen Queries' today. This means giving a few simple cooking tricks to make sure your meals are reliably delicious. It could be from chopping an onion to making sugar spun treats. But today we are focusing on that breakfast special, the egg. 

A good friend of mine recently asked me a kitchen query, how do you make the perfect runny boiled egg?. Many rely on their shaky judgement and hope for the best when they crack open the egg that it won't be a solid yellow yolk staring back at them. The perfect boiled egg is an absolute delight with a molten golden yolk and a light fluffy white surrounding, and it's match made in heaven is buttery toasted soldiers. With this fail-safe recipe you will be able to enjoy that beautiful runny golden yolk whenever you please. Enjoy!


1. The most important part for me is the beginning of this process, make sure that the water is two thirds of the way up the pot that you are using. Turn up the heat on the hob and bring it to a boil. 

Note: All hobs are different from one another if you put the egg in first before boiling the water this will make it hard to judge timing-wise. This way, we can ensure the water is at a boiling point before we put the egg in to give a consistent starting temperature for cooking the egg.

2. Carefully lower the egg into the boiling water and let it boil for 6 minutes. on the same heat.

3. Immediately crack open the egg, this will stop the outer shell from cooking the inside and ensure a runny yolk.

4. Serve with hot buttered toast, a cup of tea and enjoy! 

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